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Check disk usage


To check out the amount of space being used by any part of the filesystem, use the du command.

sudo du -h --max-depth=1 /var/log

This dispalys the amount of disk space used in /var/log and by which files, but only for that depth in the folder hierarchy. It should give you an output like this..

224K	/var/log/clamav
8,0K	/var/log/dspam
4,0K	/var/log/news
8,0K	/var/log/dbconfig-common
8,0K	/var/log/fsck
4,0K	/var/log/sysstat
68K	/var/log/apt
4,0K	/var/log/mysql
11M	/var/log/setuid
4,0K	/var/log/ntpstats
4,0K	/var/log/chkrootkit
67M	/var/log
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