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Extract data from a photo


All pictures taken with digital cameras add information to images they take. A lot of information. To see it, install imagemagick using this command on the command line..

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Then, just use the identify command thus..

identify -verbose /home/me/pics/some_picture.jpg

and it should pump out a heap of data.

Personally, if ever uploading photos to the internet (never) or emailing them to friends (rarely), I make sure to strip all the data from them. For this, use mogrify, also from the imagemagick suite…

mogrify -strip /home/me/pics/some_picture.jpg

Now the exif data has been removed. Nice!


True dat..

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Convert .JPGs to PDFs


Sometimes you need to take a pic of a document say, and then put it into a pdf. Here’s how. In Linux.

You’ll need the awesome imagemagick package first. To install it, use..

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Once that’s in, open a terminal window. Navigate to the folder you have the images in and then just run the command…

convert the_image.jpg the_document.pdf

Got multiple JPGs and need to squeeze all the images into the same pdf?

convert *.jpg the_document.pdf

Need to reduce the images to 1024 pixels across by whatever down and strip out meta data in the JPG files first though? Fer security and confidentiality?

mogrify -strip -resize 1024x *.JPG

“Nice one centurion, Like it.”

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