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How to create and mount shared folders in VirtualBox


On your workstation host, open VirtualBox. Select the host you want to set up shared folders on, right click and click ‘Settings’.


In the Settings panel (shown above), click ‘Shared Folders’ in the left pane.

Click ‘Machine Folders’ in the right pane and then the new path folder icon on the extreme right hand side.


Add a folder path. This location is on the host workstation and will be made available to the virtual machine, for example…

Folder Path : /home/username/VirtualBox/shared_folders/linux_mint
Folder Name : linux_mint

Click OK. Now start the client OS.

Install VBox Addidtions

Install VBox Additions by now switching to the VM you have just started.


In the window of this device, click on the Devices menu, Insert Guest Additions CD Image. That mounts the Additions CD.


Now open a terminal prompt. Switch directories to the CD. It’s auto-mounted at


or similar, depending on revision / edition etc. so cd into it thus..

cd /media/username/VBOXADDITIONS_4.3.18_96516

Now run the command below..

sudo ./

It’s installed.

Now, switch back to the host workstation. Open a command line and type the following…

sudo mkdir -p /mnt/hostOS
sudo mount -t vboxsf linux_mint /mnt/hostOS/ -o rw,exec,uid=1000,gid=1000,dev



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Mount a CD in Linux


This works for any version of Linux as it’s a universal command and is very simple.

First, su as root

$sudo su

Now create the directory where you want to see the CD/DVD files..

# mkdir -p /media/mycd

Now use the mount command to mount the CD

# mount -o loop /path/to/my/iso/my_favourite.iso /media/mycd

The files are now visible in /media/mycd.


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